Mission, Vision, and Purpose

Teach Inspire and Motivate (T.I.M.), underprivileged and medically underserved persons in communities locally then regional by saving one child at a time.

Our ultimate goal is to Transform Revitalize Educate and Empower. No Child Left Behind!

GPA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focused on transforming and revitalizing underprivileged communities locally then regionally.  We achieve this by rebuilding, educating and restoring hope back into our communities.

Titans Sports

First and foremost we believe in developing a student athlete.  Titans goal for ALL student athlete’s is to learn accountability while obtaining a 3.0 or higher grade point average.  We accomplish this by working with local school district, businesses, colleges and universities in allowing some of our athlete’s on the job training and providing volunteer tutors and teachers as part of our staff for any child needing or wanting assistance.  We also prepare our higher learning student athlete’s for nationwide assessments and placement tests.

Titans Sports will provide competitive programs to include but not limited to:

Sports creed:
T-rust is that special bond created by coach and athlete who strive towards a common goal.
R-espect will be given to staff, coaches and student athlete.
I-ntegrity will be shown in the thrill and disappointment during competition
B-elieve first in God and then self.
E-mpower student athletes to feel a sense of triumph in overcoming adversity.

Titans after school program is mandatory for any athlete in our program.  We will provide English, Math, Science and Foreign Language tutors for the athlete’s twice a week.

Titans certified trainers’ strength, agility and quickness training regimen will coincide with sports programs allowing dedicated athletes to compete at the highest collegiate level for the best colleges nationwide

Veterans Improvement Program

Veterans Improvement Program (V.I.P): the purpose of this program is to help veterans gain independence so they can be victorious and advance beyond their current situation.  We will partner with alliances in the community to effectively help veterans in need.  Our goal is to help provide homes to the homeless, jobs for the jobless, food to the hungry and act as a liaison on behalf of veterans dealing with his or her medical or mental health care needs.

    Reestablish social networks
    Reconnect with society
    Thrive independently or with access to VA benefits they have earned
    Restore PDR (Pride Determination and Resilience) back in our veterans.


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